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  (LAST UPDATED: 7/28/2008)
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Shockwave movie - opening intro
 RedToyz Site Feedback Form - provide your comments, suggestions, and improvements for this site
 New Stuff - Chronological log of new additions to the site
Home Page (WJB's Toyz and Hobbies) - (with random music and photos).  Please adjust your PC's volume accordingly!)
 Bill's DVD Collection - movie synopsis
 Home Theater PC (HTPC) - schematic of my HTPC, with pictures
 Home Theater Audio Components - schematic of my home theater audio components, with pictures
 Freshwater Aquariums - pictures of all tanks with fish (75 gal., 44 gal., 37 gal., and 10 gal)
 Geocaching - an entertaining world-wide adventure/treasure hunt game using Global Positioning Satellite receivers
 Jesse Barnes Art - (Restricted Access Area) Jesse Barnes "The Light Painter" Art Collection
 Home Beer Brewing - 10 Fathom Brewing Company -  10FBC beer recipes and pictures
 Hovercrafting - pictures of my four-place GPL Air Commander hovercraft (flys over land and water)
 Rollerblading - picture of me going skating and pic of new inline skates
 Speedmachine Recumbent Bicycle - Pictures of my HP Velotechnik Speedmachine
 My Spa - virtual spa (mouse makes the virtual water move) and also pictures of my real spa (random new-age music)
 Military Helicopter Flying - pictures of the Cobra Attack helicopter and UH-1H "Huey"
         My first helicopter solo - pictures and "What's it like to solo?"
         My first airplane solo - pictures and commentary
 My 15 Minutes of Fame - San Diego Aerospace Museum Cobra Display       

       Vehicles I've Owned:
         Porsche - photos of my 1985 944 Coupe
         Porsche - photos of my 1988 911 Carerra Coupe
         Jeep - photos of my 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited
         Lexus - photos of my 1998 Lexus ES300 (Under Construction)
         Jeep - photos of my 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited

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